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Production Scales

  • Global offers various production scales types from payloads of 1 kg to 60 kg. Production scales are also distinguished by providing various advantages such as weighing, numbering, or checking the weight.

  • Sensitivity is also available from 0.1 g to 1 g.

Truck Scales

  • Global has more than 25 years of experience in the field of production and manufacture of truck scales, loads from 200 tons to 40 tons and in different sizes from 20 meters to 3 meters.

  • The company manufactures scales of both types, steel and concrete, and scales at ground level or above ground level. The company provides all international models of electronic equipment, such as Cardinal of USA, Flintc of Germany, Giropes of Spain, Sartorius of Germany and other brands.

  • The company also provides software for saving data, printing cards and other things that the client needs to maximize the benefit of the truck scale.

Laboratory scales

  • Global Co. offers a range of laboratory scales of international brands such as Kern of Germany, Radwag of Poland, Ohaus of America and others...

  • Scales are available from 0.0001 gm to 0.1 gm and all loads are available.